Afriforum, FW de Klerk-stigting en liberale Engelse in koalisie teen Zuma

Die FW de Klerk-stigting het vroeër vandeesmaand aangekondig dat dit saam met Afriforum en ‘n liberale Engelse organisasie genaamd die Quaker Peace Centre gaan werk om ‘n hofsaak teen president Jacob Zuma te maak.

Volgens Megan Dick, ‘n woordvoerder van die FW de Klerk-stigting, verteenwoordig die drie organisasies ‘n “losse koalisie en ‘n diverse deursnee van Suid-Afrikaners, wat verenig is in hul (wens) om ‘n terugkeer na grondwetlike waardes en die regstaat te sien sover dit alle aangeleenthede betref wat die staat raak”.

Die Afriforum-FW-de-Klerk-QPC-koalisie gaan aansoek doen om ‘n verklarende bevel vanaf die Grondwethof wat die president weens botsende belange sal verbied om ‘n geregtelike ondersoek na “staatskaping” aan te wys. Volgens die FW de Klerk-stigting, het “die president reeds voorheen so ‘n botsing van belange voor die Grondwethof tydens die Nkandla-saak erken”.

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L.W. U gebruik die Disqus-kommentaarafdeling op eie risiko en PRAAG, die redaksie of enige verwante persone of entiteite aanvaar geen verantwoordelikheid vir u kommentaar en watter gevolge ook al daaruit mag voortspruit nie. Terselfdertyd vereis ons dat u ter wille van beskaafdheid, redelikheid en die gerief van ander gebruikers, u sal weerhou van kwetsende taalgebruik, vloekwoorde, persoonlike aanvalle op medegebruikers, twissoekery en algemene "trol"-gedrag. Enigeen wat só 'n laspos word, sal summier verbied word en sy IP-adres sal insgelyks versper word. Ons sal ook nie huiwer om, waar nodig, kriminele klagte aanhangig te maak teen individue wat hulle aan dreigemente, teistering of intimidasie skuldig maak nie.
  • Karel Combrinck

    Hier het ons weer die Koning Lear-sindroom: Doen afstand van sy magsposisie, maar wil nie met die resultaat daarvan saamleef nie. Zuma is die beste wat ‘n Suid-Afrikiaanse demokrasie kan oplewer – die demokrasie wat so kosbaar was dat De Klerk ons vryheid daavoor verkwansel het.
    Maar nou net ‘n ander saak: Is dit regtig nodig dat ons na hierdie gevreet moet kyk. kan ons nie liewer ‘n foto van sy agterkant plaas nie, dit sal beter afgaan.

    • Karel Combrinck

      Of is dit dalk sy agterent?

      • G

        Hehehe. Jy bedoel as hy nou net sy broek ook wil optrek, sal dit stukke beter gaan.

      • Charles


  • Fork

    Die ou het so groot gemors gemaak. Nou wil hy weer betrokke raak!

  • Ou Transvaal

    Hierdie diverse deursnee van Suid-Afrikaners sluit NIE DIE BOERVOLK in nie .Ek weet nie waar hierdie koalisie sy mandaat vandaan gekry het nie , moontlik Satan ???
    Hierdie rigting gee voor om ‘n groener weiveld te wees maar dit is omdat die bemesting by hulle nog beter is .

  • Vicky

    Dankie Dankie Dan! Ek sou hierdie artikel gepen het maar ek het nie kans gekry nie. Afriforum= No 1 vyand van die Boervolk

    • Juan Olivier

      Ek sal nou nie sê hulle is ‘n vyand van die Boerevolk nie, maar hulle werk definitief nie tot voordeel van die Boerevolk nie, behalwe om Boers/Afrikaans te bevorder.

  • Kalium_Chloraat

    Pienk Frikkie het mos wigte en teenwigte belowe – hy kan dit teen die booswigte inspan.

  • Owen
    • John

      Ah yes, the “treason” theory. Again. Seems it’ll linger as a sort of nostalgic preference.

      For the record, the handover, capitulation, betrayal, transition .. call it what you will, was wholly endorsed by the vast majority of the white South African adult population, fully in control of their senses and comprehensive of what they were doing.

      And there lies your problem ! For as long as you continue with the BS theory that Frik De Klerk and his palls pulled off a conspiracy all by themselves you are in fact doing white South Africa, and the youth of tomorrow, more harm than good !

      “Do you support continuation of the reform process which the State President began on 2 February 1990 and which is aimed at a new Constitution through negotiation?”

      Given the National Party’s very visible track record and obvious intentions up until the referendum, any fool who could not grasp that his country is being sold down the tubes is exactly that – a fool.

      So again, they reason South Africa is in a mess, and will probably cease to exist, is because of the 1 924186 people who willed it plus 500 000 who could give a sh|t. The reason South Africa is hanging in there is because there were 875 619 people who could see through the BS.

      It is still the problem today.

      • Johann Schutte

        You have a point John. We’re in this fix because the thoughtless majority romped to the polls and made it so. You’re describing practical democracy as it unfurls globally: Vast numbers of idiots who persist in uninformed, emotional choices, and elect and re-elect proven c*cksuckers who don’t care sh*t about them, into power. Three quarters+ of my family enthusiastically partake in this charade.

        Not all the democratically elected are bad at the outset, but invariably seem to turn noxious. Those who don’t turn bad are neutralized through character assassination, opportunistic charges, and physical murder.

        Once the poisonous pilferers hold the balance of power (not very long at all), they soon control their permanently simple-minded constituents through religious institutions, the judiciary, media, money, academia, etc. for personal profit, and become almost impossible to dislodge.

        It’s not just a question of stupid voters. It’s the democratic system itself that favours the ethically challenged and elevates them to positions of permanent domination and abuse, much like scum drifts to the top in rotting systems.

        • Charles

          Geen wonder die ou Grieke(en die Amerikaners) het by herhaling gewaarsku teen DIE walglike ideologie nie. Een man, een stem, nee, nee, nee en nogmaals nee!!! Ware demokrasie(nie “majoritarianism” nie) was nooit bedoel om dit te wees wat vandag aangaan nie en die kanker is wat stadig die wereld verteer nie.

          • Philip Jansevanrensburg

            En as ek dit reg onthou, die Griekse demokrasië het ook die mag van verbanning gehad, as ‘n persoon té magtig word kon hy vir tot 10 jaar verban word!

        • John

          Yes, the same outcome for democracy seems inevitable. Have personally had this view re. the ‘ruling class’ to for some time. If there’s one thing the whole BREXIT saga and U.S. elections have showed us its that politics is busines, its income. And those who make a living from it will fight dirty.

          Particularly evil is the bizarre relationship between the hysterical masses and the leftwing of politics. The mob have it against the banks and big business, yet in France they’ve just voted one of those stooges back into power !

          I said somewhere else it is time the worker realises that the “fix” does not lie in politics. That is and has been for some time now been rigged. In fact, there is no fix. The only option now is to join the plunder. When the masses demand the head of politicians, join them. When they burn infrastructure give them the fuel to do it with. There will not be a return to proper governance and the rule of law before complete destruction, poverty and mayhem. Turn the throng against itself, poison the water.

      • Owen

        No, i dont support the reform process of de klerk.

        • There was nothing to reform.
          You should not try to fix what aint broke.

          • Charles

            Presies Krok, presies.

      • Charles

        Baie dankie John, wyse woorde, maar De Klerk IS ‘n verfoeilike verraaier, en in BAIE mense se oe laer as toiletskuim. Ek kan hom nie verdra nie a.g.v sy dade, en as ons paaie ooit moet kruis sal dit my mond, en sy ore wees [amper se ek sy gesig en my vuis;) ].

      • John, I found an archive copy of the NP “Vote Yes” manifesto before the 1994 election. Clearly what was held out to the Afrikaners to solicit their “yes” vote besides the nodding heads of the supporting Broeders, and what is manifest today, are like day and night. Conspiracy, fraud, blatant manipulation, devious misleading, callous lies, all have a similar meaning regarding what happened after 1994. Of the promised parallel economy … nothing came about either. The challenge, – on the very rough road and pressure test towards a New Order, however, – is to bypass the clinging “black danger” (of incompetence) which is as tenacious as are the minority Boere-Afrikaner’s latent yearning for self determination, I think. Sadly both of the latter factors lack the required “umf” to make them truly competitive and sustainable in the current international dynamic. The current international manipulation regrettably does the country as a whole, the SA economy and the infrastructure more damage than any conquerer or remnant would really be happy to accept.

        • John

          I’m assuming you bought it ?
          I’m assuming you voted YES ?

          If so, don’t feel ashamed. Because so did the current Afrikaner leader Steve Hofmeyer, the aspirant politician Dan Roodt and about half of the farm murder victims.
          It wasn’t your fault. You were misled. The blame must be placed squarely at the feet of the treacherous fw deklerk and his teenager minister of defence – roelf meyer.

          If I was to head butt you and you wake up half an hour later with me sitting on your chest saying “let’s make peace brother. From now on I have only the purest intentions”. Would you fall for it ? That’s my point about the (N)NP. Their intent was clearly not to negotiate the most complex political order since the Group Areas Act, it was to stay in the pound seats long enough so as to not get their R’ses kicked by the then opposition and becoming obsolete. The fact that they had chosen to forego a number of by-elections, chosen to scrap apartheid laws in Boksburg but not in Waterkloof, reshuffled and retired the top brass in the military .. all points to a nervous government with an agenda.

          PS: Frame that copy

          • But John … the 100 man strong Conservative Right Wing is going to experience a revival from their Rip van Winkle slumber soon, to turn it all around now (under Freemason leadership) and all will be well in the Volkstaat for ever after. Have faith brother … !

  • Rooikop

    Het die klomp nog nie geleer dat Afrika anders werk nie? Weg met koloniale denke – julle dink met julle koloniale denke oor hoe afrika gaan reageer en julle verwag dat hulle julle koloniale hofstelsels en wigte en teenwigte gaan eerbiedig. WORD WAKKER. Afrika is en werk anders. Besef julle is irrelevant en GAAN WEG (hierdie spel mens eintlik anders).

  • Kiewiet

    Ai, hoe kan n mens so ‘n landsverraaier nog vertrou!

  • Owen
    • Johan Wilkens Botha

      Hierdie is soos ‘n man wat my probeer oortuig die lug is rooi. Vra ek hom om bewys, wys hy vir my die blou lug.

  • Johan Wilkens Botha