Newsburger turns news fast food

A conveniently fast way of accessing South African news online has just seen the light: Newsburger. This new South African news site situated at aggregates all available South African newsfeeds where they may be accessed in one, convenient … Lees verder

Nelson Mandela – black icon, ANC leader

A Nelson Mandela resource page has just been created on the internet, called simply Nelson Mandela – black icon, ANC leader. It includes his classic pamhlet, How to be a good communist, as well as his famous YouTube video, … Lees verder

Lights out in South Africa

In my February newsletter, I discussed the deteriorating state of infrastructure in the U.S. The
American Society of Civil Engineers awarded a grade of "D" to the country’s roads, dams,
sewers and other structures, and estimated it would take $1.6 … Lees verder

Mbeki’s policies ‘disastrous’ – Vavi

The South African government’s free market economic policies have been “disastrous” for the country under President Thabo Mbeki’s rule, the head of South Africa’s most powerful union movement and a close ally of presidential contender Jacob Zuma, said on Wednesday.

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Farmers face dangerous holiday season

A dangerous festive season lies ahead for farmers and those living on farms, the agricultural union TAU SA warned on Monday.

The number of farm attacks in November in the northern regions of South Africa had exceeded the total for Lees verder

South Africa won’t condemn rape

South Africa’s refusal to condemn the use of rape as a means of achieving political or military objectives and its calls for the broadening of the definition to include “all forms of sexual violence in all its forms and manifestations” Lees verder

Racial tensions rise at UKZN

A student representative council at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) lashed out at the institution’s management Thursday, saying that remnants of apartheid still existed on the campus.

Central Student Representative Council (CSRC) secretary-general Mshengu Kwazi was reacting to meetings … Lees verder

Ian Smith ‘was overthrown’

The former prime minister of Rhodesia, Ian Smith, has died aged 88.

The cause of his death is unknown but he had been ill for some time at a residential home in South Africa.

He illegally declared independence from Britain

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Thousands of farmworkers march

Thousands of farmworkers will hold marches in various rural towns across the country on Saturday, the Food and Allied Workers’ Union (Fawu) said on Friday.

The marches are in protest against poor working and living conditions, concerns for workers’ safety,

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ANC Gauteng Branches Opt for Zuma

THE majority of African National Congress (ANC) Gauteng branches have come out in support of Jacob Zuma in the party’s leadership race set to come to a head at its conference in 34 days.

In Johannesburg, Gauteng’s most influential region,

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Brain drain cannot be reversed

South Africa’s skills shortage has reached calamitous proportions, and the belief that expatriates will come home to reverse the situation is an illusion, a recruitment expert told a labour conference in Midrand.

Gusti Coetzer, of Leaders Unlimited, said there was

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Barclays bankrolling Zimbabwe

Controversy has brewed once again for the British Barclays Bank over its alleged bankrolling of the Mugabe regime. This time the bank is accused of providing loans to Robert Mugabe’s land owning Ministers, to ‘improve productivity in agriculture,’ despite the … Lees verder

Minister provisonally blocks Tshwane name

City residents opposed to the change of the city’s name to Tshwane may have something to celebrate.

The Minister of Provincial and Local Government on Monday announced that he had informed all provinces and municipalities to halt the planned replacement

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Ban property sales to whites

Shock request in Parliament: please stop whites and foreigners from buying state land.

In a shock request in Parliament, Department of Land Affairs’ deputy director-general Sipho Sibanda  called on Parliamentarians to implement a two-year moratorium on the sale of state … Lees verder